Useful Links

Can you be more 'Eco-Friendly'? Click on the different links below to find out lots of information, play lots of games and look at different activities you could try out at home.

Letchworth Garden City Greenway - Find out about the Greenway around Letchworth Garden City, a project set up by the Heritage Foundation. Even find a map of the 13.6 mile walk.

Recycle Now - See how paper and glass gets recycled. Learn about what happens inside your compost bin!

Recycle Zone - Learn about 'The 3Rs'.

International Walk to School - The Walk to School Campaign asks parents, pupils and teachers to think about their journey to and from school, and the many benefits of making it on foot. Look at the website for more information.

Ollie Recycles - Ollie and his friends show you around and teach you more about - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Recycling Consortium - Games and information that will help you learn about reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Environment Agency - Learn about the environment as you play fun environmental games, watch and interact with animations and wise up pon some facts and figures.

Geography Essentials - The Environment- website from Channel 4 with ideas for how you can help improve the environment, for KS2.

 Recycle City - Visit the Recycle City for games and activities to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.

2feet 4feet - Designed by Letchworth Museum, find out about lots of different animals and their habitats, for KS1.

Barnaby Bear - From BBC, play a game to help Barnaby Bear recycle lots of different objects, for KS1.

I'm alright Jack - From BBC play a game of consequences and see what happens to our environment depending on the choices you make