Early Years

Welcome to St Thomas More’s Early Years Unit.
Our EYS1 class takes children from the age of 3 years old and caters for a maximum of 25 children.
We have a fully qualified teacher and two experienced teaching assistants working in EYS1.

In EYS2 we have a cohort of 30 children led by one class teacher and supported by 2 teaching assistants.
Our staff operate as key workers to support your child upon entry and throughout their journey through our early years provision. We recognise that this is the starting point of a long and positive relationship between our community and the families who join us in EYS1. We encourage dialogue on both a formal and informal basis, recognising that parents/ carers are the primary educators for their children. We use Marvellous Me to communicate between school and home but will discuss most matters face-to-face where possible in order to build a long- lasting bond with families.

Below is a link to our curriculum which details how we approach your child’s learning and our aims for their education, starting in EYS1 and continuing until they leave our community in Year 6.
The early years are seen as a vital time of development for young children and the skills they learn at this time will form the building blocks for their future academic and personal success in our school and into adult life.

Although the 7 areas of learning are stated as separate units within the Statutory Framework – link below – we teach these areas holistically and focus primarily on the 3 prime areas until each child is settled and has developed positive relationships within our setting.

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (publishing.service.gov.uk)

Early Years Curriculum

Maths Mastery in the EY Guide for Parents

RSE Parent Info EY2

Passport to Learning Year Nursery 

Passport to Learning Reception

Passport to Learning Reception

EY2 English Overview